The Wire -September2020

Saturday - 10am-1pm Sunday - Closed Please remember our hours of operation have been modified because of staffing changes. In- person events at the library will be on hold for some time as we continue implementing our plans to ensure the safety of our patrons. Click here to place online reserves Here for you: Parent Resource display In these difficult times we are highlighting and increasing our resources for parents, caregivers and educators on different subjects and learning levels. We have prepared a display of books that cover reading levels, Math, Science, History, English and more. Watch our introduction , stop by to browse the display or call and request help finding a subject. New Books In Focus for Youth and Kids Make sure you click to watch this Books In Focus Youth and Kids edition. We are adding it to our Books In Focus YouTube Playlist. And as always, here's your link to check out the full list of books Andrew and Renee reviewed .