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April 2024 The Marion Public Library will host contemporary romance author, Tia Williams on Friday, April 12 to kick off the “In The Author’s Voice” series. No ticket is needed for this open-house author event. Doors open at 6:00 pm with the program starting at 6:30 pm, and the book signing at 7:30 pm. According to NBC News, Tia Williams “is a writer’s writer with a fashionista twist.” Her debut novel hit the shelves in 2004 with rave reviews. She followed it with a few others that included young adult novels. Her novel Seven Days in June became an instant bestseller just as she stated she was ready to give up writing. Seven Days in June is currently in the works to be adapted for TV. Her newest release A Love Song for Ricki Wilde hit shelves February 6, 2024. Her fourth contemporary romance has readers moving between the present and the Harlem Renaissance. During Leap Years the past and the present collide as the veil between the two worlds is at its thinnest. Ricki Wilde My Library Story: Reprinted from Ace of Trades by Drew Bracken printed in the Marion Star March 12, 2024 He’s living his dream in public libraries. “I had dreams of working in a library,” recalled Gary Branson. “I remember librarians as a kid, especially at the public library. They took me under their wing, and I was a part of the library completely. I enjoyed being in the public library. “I always enjoyed reading and being around books,” Branson said. “A librarian gave me a couple of Publishers Weekly when I was 13 and I fell in love with the world of publishing and books. I loved ‘Nancy Drew’ and ‘The Hardy Boys’ to my current favorite authors today. I just can’t wait for the release of a new book from my favorite authors.” Today, Branson is executive director and fiscal officer of Marion Public Library. “My role,” he explained, “is to lead the library well into the 21st century while being cognizant of changes in publishing, reading habits, and technology for the community of Marion County. The amount of information a patron can access at the public library is huge. Our staff is awesome, and they love working with the community.” From accounting to library services Branson, 58, grew up in Piqua, TIA WILLIAMS TO KICK OFF SERIES Mindy McGinnis rounds out the slate with July date DIRECTOR’S NOTE Gary Branson meets and falls for a jazz musician from Harlem of the 1920s. Stop by Marion Public Library to check out a book by the author before she visits. A selection of her books are displayed just inside the front doors of MPL for easy pickup. For a list of all the details for our “In The Author’s Voice” series visit our event calendar, social media, and MarionLibrary.org/authorseries web page. Books by the author will be sold the evening of the event for the book signing. YA Author Mindy McGinnis set for July 22 visit Award winning author Mindy McGinnis will be at Marion Public Library for yet another no-ticket- required event. McGinnis plans to discuss the research and creative writing process behind her newest YA (Young Adult) psychological thriller, Under This Red Rock. Her website states: “While her settings may change, you can always count on Mindy’s books to deliver grit, truth, and an unflinching look at humanity and the world around us.” Learn more about all of the authors coming to Marion Public Library, visit “In the Author’s Voice” series web page at: MarionLibrary.org/authorseries Contemporary Romance Author Tia Williams YA Author Mindy McGinnis continued on page 3

Have you wanted to know more about navigating a computer and the Internet; wanted to figure out how to set up an email and retrieve it again; or simply wanted to write a document and save it? All of these subjects and more will be addressed in our 60+ digital literacy classes designed to guide participants through real-world hands on learning examples. This learning opportunity for those age 60 and over and is done in cooperation with Marion County Council on Aging. Classes will begin in May. Participants will pick one of two times of the day for the 6 weekly sessions. Classes will be limited to 10 students. The first set will be offered starting in the beginning of May with registration starting April 1. Stop by and pick up a flyer detailing the classes and when to register. Classes will also be listed on our website at MarionLibrary.org/digitalliteracy THE ECLIPSE IS COMING! Libary closed April 6 & 8 Many people will be distracted, and the community is sure to be overwhelmed with the influx of visitors on the weekend leading up to the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8. Thus, the Library Board voted to close the Library on Saturday, April 6 and on eclipse day, Monday, April 8. Hours should return to normal on Tuesday, April 9, but please check our social media channels for any last minute changes to the plan. Be Eclipse Smart! while supply last Solar Glasses ONE PAIR per person at the front desk or at one of our Eclipse programs calendar of events https://www.MarionLibrary.org/calendar/month Adult Child/Teen ALL* April 1 Registration for Digital Literacy STARTS* Lapsit Baby Time @ 10am Armstrong Air & Space Museum - Eclipse 2024: Don’t Burn Your Eyes Out! @ 5:30pm April 2 Patty Hearst Retrospectives @ 10am Teen Dungeons & Dragons @ 3:15pm Fiction Book Discussion @ 6pm April 3 Book Buzz: “And the Golden Swoop Goes To...” @ 10am April 4 Story Time! @ 10am & 11am April 6 ECLIPSE Saturday - Library Closed April 8 ECLIPSE Monday - Library Closed April 10 Book Buzz: “And the Golden Swoop Goes To...” @ 10am April 11 Story Time! @ 10am & 11am Goodwill - More than a Store! @ 2pm Teen Scene @ 3pm April 12 Reading Together in Marion @ 10:30am An Evening with Tia Williams @ 6:30pm April 15 Lapsit Baby Time @ 10am Family Fun Night: Create your own Fakemon @ 5:30pm April 16 Teen Dungeons & Dragons @ 3:15pm Nonfiction Book Discussions @ 6pm April 17 Books in Focus @ 3pm Prom Ready Paper Flowers @ 5:30pm April 18 Story Time! @ 10 & 11am Goodwill - More than a Store! @ 2pm April 19 Reading Together in Marion @ 10:30am April 23 Book Show-and-Tell @ 3pm Teen Dungeons & Dragons @ 3:15pm April 25 Teen Scene @ 3:15pm BookMarks Book Sale Members/Donor Night @ 5-8pm April 26 BookMarks Book Sale @ 9am-5pm April 27 BookMarks Book Sale @ 9am-5pm April 28 BookMarks Book Sale @ 12-4pm April 29 Lapsit Baby Time @ 10am April 30 Teen Dungeons & Dragons @ 3:15pm Digital Lit* *Regisration is required for Digital Literacy **Registration and a fee are required for Adult Lifelong Learning (ALL) Programs. 60+ DIGITAL LITERACY Registration starts April 1

The annual BookMarks of Marion Public Library Book Sale is coming April 25, 26, 27, 28. The opening night, Thursday, April 25 is for Members/Donors only. Those with either a current membership or who are a new donor are able to shop from 5:00 - 8:00pm. Those interested in getting access to preview night can become a donor by attending Thursday evening of the sale and completing a donor form. The book sale is open to the public on Friday, April 26 from 9:00am to 5:00pm; Saturday, April 27 from 9:00am to 5:00pm; and Sunday, April 28 from 12:00pm to 4:00pm. Buyers and volunteers are always appreciated. MarionOHBookmarks.org FICTION: April 2 @ 6pm Anxious People by Fredrik Backman NONFICTION: April16 @ 6pm Anansi’s Gold: The Man Who Looted the West, Outfoxed Washington, and Swindled the World by Yepoka Yeebo Find the 2024 Book Discussions List: www.MarionLibrary.org/bookdiscussions Full video on our Library YouTube channel at: https://youtu.be/mITCR4yoCz8 book discussion Stop by, pick up a book, read and join the discussion. books in focus Check out the new titles hitting our shelves within the month of April. BOOKMARKS’ BOOK SALE SET April 25, 26, 27, 28 graduated from Piqua Christian School in 1982, Edison State Community College in 1992, then earned a degree in Accounting from Wright State University in 1994. “I had every intention of an accounting career,” he said. “In 1994, just before I graduated, I got a part-time job at London Public Library. I learned so much about libraries at London. It was a good proving ground. I gave up accounting to work in public libraries. I was always a library user, and the idea of being part of that world always interested me. I landed right where I was supposed to be. I returned to grad school Kent State University and got my degree in 2000.” Malcolm Goodman is a longtime member of the Marion Public Library Board of Trustees. “Gary excels at the important task of keeping the library financially sound while always striving to maintain and upgrade the exterior and interior areas used by the public,” Goodman said. “I know the patrons see and appreciate the new children’s area, which he moved from the second floor to the first floor several years ago, and new updated community meeting rooms on both floors, among other improvements.” Goodman said Branson takes pride in the library’s staff, calling the workers “professional, courteous and always helpful to the public. “In addition,” Goodman said, “he has greatly expanded the programs the library offers to seniors, children, and to the public, such as speakers and events. Marion is very fortunate to have such a terrific library and a dedicated librarian in Gary.” Loving the library job one place or another for 30 years “I absolutely love the work I do,” Branson responded. “There isn’t anywhere else I’d rather be. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing boxes of books coming into the library! The wealth of information that comes into our building every month is enormous.” “I started at Marion Public Library in 2010 after 16 years at London Public Library,” he concluded. “I’ll celebrate 30 years in public libraries on March 14 of this year − and I wouldn’t change a thing. I can’t imagine a more fulfilling career.” continued from page 1 Friends gather to congratulate Branson on the anniversary of his 30 years in libraries.

Gary B: Beautiful; lyrical writing; stunning; about becoming enlightened and how to achieve a meaningful death - Read-alike: “Siddhartha” by Herman Hesse facebook.com/mplohio instagram: @MarionPublicLib twitter: @MarionPublicLib youtube: @MarionPublicLibraryOhio linkedin: @MarionPublicLibraryOhio Marion Public Library 445 East Church Street Marion, Ohio 43302 740-387-0992 MarionLibrary.org Board of Directors Phyllis Butterworth, President Patrick Carey Jennifer Donelson Blake Gates Malcolm Goodman Dana Booker Leslie Schneider Gary Branson Executive Director #staffpicks Nicole: Themes of belonging, identity, and family; intensifying and twisty; explosive ending; lots of family drama; set in New York City - Read-alike: “The Golden Couple” by Greer Hendricks Patrick: Genre blend of horror, historical fiction, and romance; forbidden love theme; young loves are separated for nine years and reunited against the backdrop of the U.S. Mexico war in the 1840s; some suspense Madison: The story of one woman’s life from birth to death; told in vignettes; character-driven; sweeping; strong female lead character; bittersweet; themes of life. Miranda: A cryptozoologist investigates deaths possibly caused by a bigfoot; an intensifying mystery; plot- driven; theme of faith vs. skepticism; dark tone - Read-alike: “Devolution” by Max Brooks https://youtu.be/5RJuGxaDI0Q Watch more extensive reviews on our YouTube channel. Check out a full list of books at MarionLibrary.org. Please remember you can always place a hold if the book has not arrived yet or is currently checked out. new for young readers MPL offers access to the Chilton repair manuals in both physical and digital forms. If you are looking for instructions on how to repair an older vehicle, stop by the library to see if the repair manual is available. You can access the digital version, Chilton Library, through the library’s website using your library card. The Chilton Library provides repair, maintenance and service information on the most popular vehicles on the road today. Step-by-step repair procedures, troubleshooting guides, diagnostic trouble codes, photos, illustrations, diagrams, and multimedia (videos and animations) simplify even the most complicated tasks. Use Chilton Library for: • One-stop, step-by-step instructions source for automobile repair answers. • Videos, animations and close-up photos that show how to complete repairs. • Wiring diagrams to help explain system operation. • Troubleshooting and diagnostic information that help pinpoint searches. • Maintenance and specification tables that highlight key information. To access Chilton Library and other databases, visit MarionLibrary.org/dbases PREPARE FOR THE ROAD AHEAD With Chilton Repair Manuals