Homework Help

National PTA's Parents' Guides to Student Success

Here you will find four-page and two-page guides that provide overviews to what your child needs to know in English language arts and mathematics by the end of each grade. This is a great resource for parents to help understand the Common Core State Standards.

Ohio Books from the State Auditor Website
This page offers PDF versions of the Official Ohio Lands Book and Along the Ohio Trail. (The documents are at the very bottom of the page so be sure to scroll all the way down.)

Reading help
Is your beginning reader struggling? Try ReadingTeacher.com. 52 classic beginning reader books have been updated and made interactive. You will need sound enabled on your computer. You can sign up for free account here: 

Free online lessons for anything and everything

Choose one of the online databases below! An online database is much like an online book. It is a collection of information available via the internet. The information is accurate and up to date and as reliable as an encyclopedia or dictionary. The library purchases databases for patron usage.

Searchasaurus - Start with a broad topic and narrow it down using simple to follow clickable pictures. Find magazine articles, newspaper articles, photos, and more. In addition, search by Lexile level.

Kids Search - Newspaper articles, magazine articles, and more. Searchable by topic or keyword. Great "Teacher Resources" link that allows for more in depth searching through Academic Search Premiere, ERIC, and Professional Development Collection.

Student Resource Center - A great database for middle and high school students. Accurate and updated information about current events, careers, and much more!

World Book Early World of Learning - Here you can play games, explore the world, and learn fun facts. Perfect for the earliest learners.

World Book Kids - A great database to get started on a report. Just like the World Book encylopedias, but online and more easily updated and accurate. Find encyclopedia entries, games, coloring and more!

LearningExpress Library - Register for free, then have access to testing materials from Preschool to Adult testing. Find help for elementary math, reading and writing. Practice GED exams and more!

Helpful websites

Science Buddies - This website is a great resource for science fair project ideas and experiments. Use their

"Topic Selection Wizard" to help you choose a project, then use the step-by-step guide to help you through the process.